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Ces publicités réalisées par l'artiste Kristen Liu-Wong et Robin Eisenberg pour la marque de sex toys Unbound Babes, pourtant très cool et pas du tout explicites, ont été jugées indécentes par MTA, la régie pub du métro de New York. Pourtant, des pubs pour des pillules contre la dysfonction érectile, par exemple, ne les avaient pas affolés des masses. Comme quoi, le désir et le plaisir féminins semblent toujours aussi tabous.


WE NEED UR HELP! Last week, Unbound submitted our first ad campaign to the #MTA. And we were rejected. After emails and a phone call, the MTA confirmed that our ads were denied for being “offensive sexual material.”** We wanted to convey the idea that the pursuit of sexual wellbeing is an act of self-love and to showcase the belief that womxn’s sexuality IS something worthy of more public visibility. And we did this by commissioning the artwork you see above from @lauracallaghanillustration, @cosmicsomething, @kliuwong, @robineisenberg + @yokopium. Since @mtanyctransit won’t take our ads, we’re asking for UR help. If u believe that this art and womxn’s sexuality deserve equal access to public forums, please consider screenshotting & sharing the artwork above with the hashtag: #WTFMTA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **Meanwhile, an erectile disfunction company has bought out #GrandCentralStation starting today. We saw the ~rise~ of these ads on the subway as a hopeful sign that the committee that regulates ad space was loosening their standards a bit. If there are now countless ads for erectile disfunction, why can’t we create ads that depict a positive sexual wellbeing without it being deemed offensive? ⚠️⚠️ Update: the image in slide no. 4 is actually not an ad MoSEX has ever run on the subway and was simply a photoshopped prototype.

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